Meet the Instructors

Jessica Beatty is the owner of Bella Rose Yoga & Fitness Studio.  Jess is an MD physician trained at MSU and is the founder of Bella Rose Skin Care & Wellness Center next door to our yoga studio.  She has been doing yoga for over 20 years, is the creator of Primal Power Yoga, 200hr RYT certified, and has extra certifications in Buti Yoga, Buti Bands, Buti Sculpt, Hot Core, and aerial yoga.  She also teaches hip hop yoga, power yoga, and recovery yoga classes at the studio.   Jess is passionate about empowering and healing women with her classes.  She enjoys spending time with her family, playing with her bulldogs, and riding horses.

Stacie  Nielsen is a business partner and owner of the studio.  She first discovered yoga in 2008 when she first moved to Chicago and a new friend encouraged her to try a class. She was intrigued by the movements and how physically and mentally refreshed she felt after.  She continued to regularly practice until her brother tragically passed away in 2012. She feared her yoga mat and the emotions it would stir up. In 2017, a friend convinced her to reintroduce herself to her mat and she fell in love all over again. A well timed massage and friend told her about Light Guardians Yoga School and her heart told her it was time. She has a quirky personality that carries into her practice. She loves to keep busy and her classes incorporate this, showing that you can find peace and relaxation in consistent movement in conjunction with breath. When not on her yoga mat, she works full time as a Physician Practice Manager.  Her husband Chris, daughter Isabella, son Connor, and lab Timothy live in the heart of downtown Alpena. They can often be found checking out all the great things the community has to offer, running around the neighborhood or having a family dance off in the kitchen.

Desiree Nowaczyk, Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, Certified Yoga Instructor RYT200, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Food Psychology Coach, Certified Stress Management Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Spiritual Counselor, and Certified Barre Connect instructor is an integrative practitioner.  Dez hopes to facilitate well-being by honoring the student’s innate wisdom to heal. Embracing and nourishing the mind, body, spirit connection leads to optimal health. Dez’s intention is to encourage and empower individuals with tools, techniques and ancient wisdom that promote transformation.  Dez’s foundation is built from years of physical movement and passionate exploration. With 2 decades of fitness experience and more than 3000 yoga classes taught, Dez guides with compassion and confidence. Her movement practices are infused with creativity, joy, gratitude and non-judgment.  ​Within each of us there is a divine spark. Yoga guides us back to this place. Dez believes that we are all worthy of being valued and cherished. Through self-acceptance, trust, faith, letting go, love, forgiveness and creativity we return to our treasured truth.

Lisa Kruse went to her first Zumba class back in August 2013 and has loved Zumba ever since! She loved Zumba so much that she became a licensed Zumba instructor in December 2015. She has been a part of the Zumba Instructor Network since December 2015. Why did she fall in love with Zumba so fast? She loves Zumba because its fun, relieves stress and you’re working out but it feels more like a party! Another reason why she loves Zumba so much is the community and friends that are brought together. She also loves going to concerts, outdoor adventures, reading and of course dancing. So come try Zumba! Let loose, smile and dance!

Chrissy Taratuta fell in love with fitness early on. At first, yoga was simply an activity to help balance a lifestyle of running but after attending outdoor yoga classes she soon found a deeper connection. The combination of nature and yoga brought a new perspective to the practice. It quickly became a necessary habit. She wanted to share the joy and peace it brought to her with others. When the opportunity to become certified in Alpena arose, she jumped at the chance. In the spring of 2017 she graduated from Light Guardians Yoga School with a 200 hour certification. Teaching is a new experience for her and she is excited to continue learning and growing on this adventure and encourages people to challenge themselves along with her. Outside of yoga, she is passionate about nature and spends most days outdoors, hiking, running and taking photos. Her dream is to continue teaching, traveling and bringing awareness to the beauty life holds in the small joys.

Erin Brege is a small-town, country gal who enjoys an active lifestyle and sharing and leading others in their personal wellness journey. She is a local high school Spanish teacher whose educational training began in Costa Rica and expanded into global travel leadership. She has lived in and explored Alaska and recently developed Alaska Dream Travels, LLC for others to experience AK’s pristine and natural beauty. After visiting the AK Many Rivers yoga studio, Erin was inspired to learn more. Her passion and practice for holistic living sparked her interest in yoga. In the spring of 2019, Erin will graduate from our local Light Guardians Yoga School with a 200hr YRT certification. She is currently certified in Buti yoga and aerial yoga. She finds God’s peace and relaxation in movement and breath and believes in the wellness power of yoga.

Kourtney Zimmer is a certified PoleFit Essentials Instructor. Fitness and exercise have always been a part of her life. She participated in dance from age 3 until she graduated high school. She has continued to stay active by going to the gym, fishing, hiking, and doing yoga. She is new to teaching, but her passion for fitness is strong and is so excited to continue learning new ways to stay active. She loves spending time with her family, fishing, being outside, fostering, and taking photos.

Mallory Ladd is a certified Barre Above instructor.  She plans to explore and teach a wide range of Barre programs, such as Golden Barre and Tween Barre. She has had a passion for fitness and nutrition since a young age. She believes it gives confidence and reduced stress. Setting a great example for her two daughters inspires her. Meet Mallory and her bubbly personality at the Barre!

Meet Whitney Wilson.  In her former life she was a big-city living pharma rep, long distance runner, who worked long hours, made decent money and had a wall of finisher medals. She found herself burned out pretty quickly, always wanting something more, but never understood the void she was struggling to fill. She married late in life, had two kiddos and struggled to find her place in life as a new mom with no career and no outlet. In 2016, she attended a hot yoga class with her sister and the game changed — forever. As a substitute for the euphoric feeling of running, Whitney pursued a hot yoga studio anywhere she could to practice. Whitney will be receiving her RYT 200 certification this spring and looks forward to providing an alternative way to practice finding peace and acceptance in the heat of things, in any moment. She is excited to connect with other women who long for a challenge, strive to understand themselves better and connect on a deeper level.

Staci LeBlanc was introduced to the art of belly dance about 10 years ago from a friend and fell in love with it.  She has since taken many seminars and workshops with professional dancers from around the world.  She has found the belly dance community to be body positive and welcomes women of all shapes, sizes and ability.  In recent years, she has been performing with the Bella Divas at The Belly Dance Divas’ annual shows and also at annual Great Lakes Belly Dance Conventions.  She is also a certified USFSA Learn to Skate instructor and has been teaching Basic Skills figure skating for almost 20 years with the Alpena Figure Skating Club.