Buti Workshop May 5th 9am-2pm

Join us for a day of Buti! We will cover all the facets of Buti including yoga, tribal dance, sculpt, bands, hot core, and DEEP. Buti Yoga is a dynamic asana practice fused with primal movement, tribal dance and deep core engagement. The word ‘buti’ is a Marathi Indian term for “the cure to something that’s been hidden away or kept secret.” The movement involved in a Buti class is designed to help everyone develop body confidence. It will help you fall in love with your workout, break through emotional and physical barriers, and transform your body. Get ready to move your body, get out of your comfort zone, and connect with other like minded individuals! Cost is $50 per person. Lunch is included. Please click this link to purchase tickets ahead of time!

Buti GLOW Yoga with Jess April 20th at 7pm

What is BUTI GLOW?

It’s Buti with EXTRA energy! Doing Buti in the Blacklight gives you that awesome club vibe that just pumps you up! Because we are mostly in the dark but glowing, you really feel free to let loose and have a ridiculous good time, you will leave feeling high on life!

We will precede class with painting our bodies with blacklight reactive body paint! It. Is. AWESOME.

It’s Cardio, Tribal Dance, Yoga, Strength, and Core training with bumpin music!!

Tickets purchased in advance are $10.00 or $15.00 at the door!

Click here to buy tickets:

Nidra Vibes April 14th 6:30pm with Paige

Deep Rest Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing

Join Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Paige Trisko for a restorative and restful immersion into a deep guided meditation accompanied by an ambient tone concert created with Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, bells, chimes, and gongs.

Yoga Nidra, or yoga sleep, supports a deeper state of rest and relaxation that isn’t found in the average meditation practice to allow yourself to heal and breathe.

Sound healing assists individuals in experiencing profound inner peace and connecting to deeper meditative states, while also enabling participants to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually through both sound and vibration creating a deep sense of peace, well-being, and health.

Sound healing has also been shown to be effective in physical healing including cancer, arthritis and autoimmune disease through reduction of stress and aiding in pain management by moving the frequency of brain waves into frequencies inducing deep meditative and peaceful states to promote healing.
Many responses occur during sound healing ranging from strong emotions to deep sleep and even dreams. Individuals have reported feeling different frequencies in different areas of their bodies, while still others say they simply feel more relaxed. Any and all responses are appropriate.

All are welcome, no yoga experience necessary. Students are encouraged to dress comfortably and bring blankets and pillows for resting on the floor.

Tickets purchased in advance are $20.00 or $25.00 at the door!

Hip Hop GLOW Yoga March 23 7pm

When you want a yoga practice that feels like a dance party, meet us on your mat and join us for Hip Hop Yoga with Jess! This class features a Hip Hop, Pop and Dance music playlist primed for Vinyasa Flow. Bangin music, black lights, and sweet moves make this class perfect for a fun Saturday night! Sweat, flow, and let go. Tickets purchased in advance are $10.00 or $15.00 at the door! Click here to buy your ticket!